Tho today is not the last day of 2011, but I’m still gonna post this now. tbh, I was not able to choose what issue or event to be in this post because there were too many things that happened this year. Anyway,

  1. Big Bang’s comeback after 2Years and 3months: After the many delays, push back. Big Bang comeback on the 24th of February this year! The epic comeback performance, and the retarded lighting by the xx bank. Big Bang never fails to give us their best. A guidance lesson on UV Syndrome. Then they comeback again with ‘Big Bang special edition”
  2. Big Show 2011: G-raim and Jootop kiss! I could never stop staring at their kiss whenever i see it. Because of Jootop’s umma, we all have a ‘new’ verb, “smell~ nadu smell~”
  3. God heard our prayers: Tho this is an appreciation post for BB, God made(make) the biggest role. During all the bad event that happened, all we could do was to trust, have faith, support, stay and pray. Whether if God really heard our prayers or he really felt that the boys need to be protected, non the less, thank you God
  4. EMA Worldwide act award: Remember the me2 that seungri posted? If we want to see all five of them to attend the award, we have to vote. It was the time when most of the fandom came together and voted for Bigbang. 2011 EMA had the most votes compared to the previous years. We wonder why.. Sincerely appreciate all of you who voted for them. After 5/6 months, because of all these votes, we got to see all of them as 5, Jiyong and Dae’s smile again. If it wasn’t because of Big Bang, I wouldn’t stay up till 3am for the award show. Trying to spot that red coat guy throughout the award, them smiling behind when Selena Gomez and Katy perry were talking. Waited for hours just for that moment when they annouced “Big Bang, Asia pacific” Many of us cried, tho they thanked us for giving them that award, I think, instead I should thank them. If it weren’t because of them, when I’m down, I’ll continue to be down. If it weren’t because of them, I wouldn’t know this great fandom, nice people. Thank you. 
  5. Lastly, YG FAMILY CONCERT! Big Bang performing as 5 again! Even though most of us wasn’t able to see them performing live. Them performing as 5 is quite enough already right. 

Thank you Big Bang   

11 Dec    3442
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