au meme: SkyDragon - Domestic (abuse) | requested: sellega

a slap. a kick. a punch.

chaerin sobbed silently, jiyong scoffed.

“what now? trying to get some sympathy from me after whoring around the whole day while i was out working? no way, slut.” one more kick.

“i-” chaerin struggled to get her words out while holding onto her painful stomach.

“-SHUT UP! i didn’t ask you to speak!” one more slap. chaerin never expected a simple how are you conversation with their neighbor this morning would result in this. but it’s not like she had never experienced this after her husband came home from work, drunk. she was used to it.

“it’s okay.. he will change…” chaerin thought as the tears roll down her bruised cheeks, 3 months ago.

3 months later.

dear jiyong-ah,

thank you for the happiness these 5 years. I’ve never felt more loved and happier in my whole life. I still love you, i really do. But you know it’s impossible for us put the pieces back together and pretend nothing has ever happened after everything. I’m bringing our daughter with us, because I do not want her to see those scenes again. Previously, I chose to stay and endure everything because i didn’t want our daughter to have a broken family. Now that she has realised everything, and know that her umma’s injuries aren’t from clumsy falls, i have decided to leave. Please don’t look for us, we will never come back no matter what happens. If our daughter asks me for her appa’s whereabout after she has forgotten those scenes she can’t seem to get outta her mind now… i’ll be sure to tell her you were once the best dad and husband. i love you.

good bye.

22 Dec    98
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